Finals for First Sem, getting Near!

Here me again, writing something for nothing! Hehehe!! Actually, I want to tell a li'l bit about this Finals. I am hoping that we will pass our major subjects and I pray that he give us more perseverance and patience in our studies.

This past weeks, I have lots of experiences in different areas. In our school, there are days that we didn't class due to the preparation of our school for the evaluation (IQuAME). Frankly speaking, I don't get any interest in this preparation, I don't know why despite of the good benefits of IQuAME for our university. Anyways, good luck to Adamson.

Another one is I have already a DSL connection last saturday. At last! I enjoy it for now. But I heard some of my friends they complain the frequent DC. Umm! I understand why some of us do experience DC most of the time.

So before the week starts, I shou'd furnish my project in Webpage Composition and Development where we have a three javascript-rellated project. It's quite easy but I want to enhance it in design so that I can get a higher grade from Prof. Villanueva. Nice!

So long for now. Take Care folks!



pa koment ah.. ako palang ata ung una.. so dapat, mejo mahaba(may ganun)...
aun.. uhm... pano ko ba sisimulan?!
dko alam.. basta amporma mo tlaga rejie aka rdaconcepts... angas...
gumaganun pa.. hehe...
ano pa ba? uhm.. dko pa nababasa lahat... isa lang nabasa ko.. ung nasa unahan syempre.. aun.. cgecge boy...
tuloy mo lang yan...

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