Sembreak na!

Sembreak na! And I don't know how to treat myself this sembreak. But I have lots of plans, and I know not all granted because we have three weeks this sembreak and I think it is very short to comply my plans. What are my plans anyway?

First, I want to settle my problem in regarding to crediting subjects. I got fool when I go back in AMA Pasay to get a copy of description in passing to the subjects named Computer Fundamental (MS Office, Operating Systems, Logic Gates), C Language, and Web Analysis and Design (HTML, CSS). They recommend me to go back for at least two or three days. Is it funny? I am wasting my money for transportation, my time instead of getting rest this sembreak for just doing this heck? I'm hoping that I settle this, the sooner...the better!

Second is, for the enrollment. Frankly speaking, I do not feel comfortable with some of my classmates in major subjects. Pero marunong naman akong makisama. Ang akin lang, may mga taong gusto kong kasama, may mga tao din namang ayaw kong kasama. Ayaw kong kasama mga taong ma-eere pero wala namang binatbat!

Third is, the preparation for the High and Solemn Mass for the Feast of San Martin de Porres in our Church. Every year, I am responsible for practicing my fellow knights for preparing them how to serve the high mass.

Fourth, hindi ko na alam.

Then, mag-uundas nga pala ano? So un, dadalaw ako for sure sa puntod ni Nanay Isiang, kay Chief at kay Papa Tony. Mas mainam 'yon, kesa sila ang dumalaw sa akin. Hehehe!

So un, and again, HAPPY SEMBREAK!!


lol, i have lots of plans too but i know i cant do it, cus 3 weeks is not enough. Haha, && same sched here. anyways, when is our enrollment day?

Nice layout :D

I think sa 22-24 ata enrollment. By the way, thanks for your comment. I appreciate your comments.

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