I saw a beautiful woman in the bus.

Last Thursday (October 16, 08), I went to AMA Pasay to get the subject description in three subjects, and then at the same time, they requested me to submit another copy of my birth certificate. And when I get into the bus via Dasmarinas Route, I saw a beautiful woman. Yes, indeed! I never saw that kind of woman in my school where I expect. The good thing is, she sat beside me. My minds are whispering, and I got hooked with her. And then accidentally, when she fixed the head of the aircon of the bus, her breast was slapped into my face and my heart goes palpitating until she speaks and said “oops! Sorry Manong!” I got angry when she said the word Manong, but because she is beautiful, those words are never in my mind.

And when we are in Talaba Area (at the portion of Zapote – Bacoor Junction), she went out to the bus. And when I went home, I discovered that my left pocket of my pantaloon has a scratch. I think that the woman who seated beside me is a snatcher. Because when we are in Coastal Road, I’m pretending that I slept, but she didn’t know that my minds are alert. Suddenly, when we travel the long road of Coastal Road, I feel something in my pocket. But I’m in denial that she doing scratching my left pocket.

So guy, be careful. Not all beautiful women are nice, rather most of them or some are naughty in disguise and when they capture the weakness of a man, they attack. Beware in such modus. It is better not to sleep while driving and when a beautiful woman sitting beside you, be gentle but be aware.


nadikitan ka lang ng boobs nadukutan ka na:D atleast you've learned. . :D

yah, dat's true. we should be careful always while we travel.

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