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Nowadays, typography is seen everywhere. For instance, typography is seen most often in the city where there are lots of billboards present. Another example where typography is seen is in every product that you buy in stores. For instance is t-shirt. I know that you are familiar in a brand of t-shirt where most of their items are designed using typography. The T-Shirt Project is what I am talking about. They created and crafted designs in which typography is present in t-shirts that they sell.

Another good example of typography is my banner in my blog. I prefer to choose typography in my blog because I want to express the niche of my blog directly. Anyways, if you forgot the niche of my blog, I’m telling you that you read my blog from beginning up to the latest posts so you can analyze what’s the niche of my blog.

Anyways, those sentences and paragraphs are not on the hot seats. I want to invite all of you most especially to those who have a friendster account to join my created group titled “Typography Challenge!” Do you know why do I initiate this group? It seems that most of us trying to make a good design for our blog account or maybe in our friendster account. And I’m encourage you to join in Typography Challenge because you might me learn a lot about typography designs and how to create a typography. And because it is a forum-site, there might be exchanging tips and information about typography. Whether you are working in Graphic Design Industry, a Student or a novice, I really encourage you to join Typography Challenge!

And before I end this segment, I want to give one good reason why should I encourage each and every one of you to join in this group because typography is self explanatory and it is easy to learn, the only thing that you must have is a graphic or photo editor (corel, photoshop or fireworks.)

See you in Typography Challenge!


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